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Marshall can be found in the State of Illinois, United States and is also a city in Clark County. This community is situated approximately 20 miles or 32 km to the western side of Terre Haute in Indiana. When the census was done in 2000, it was shown that about 3,771 people were living in this city. Marshall Illinois has a lot of history and there are programs such as Main Street which helps to preserve the culture and heritage. Continue reading for more information and news regarding the population, economy, commercial and residential real estate as well as the business district in this area.

The downtown area is established around Clark County courthouse, which features numerous antique stores. The major business in this town is TRW Automotive, which operates as an electronics factory employing thousands of residents. Marshall also boasts one of most ancient hotels in operation throughout Illinois, which is called Archer House. Every year in autumn months there is a fall festival held in this town.

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The residents in this town enjoy tranquil atmosphere among historical buildings, secure streets lined with trees, modern and Victorian homes and warm friendly citizens. Marshall is known as a Main Street Community and a Tree City, which is recognized as a Historic Preservation by the National Trust. Cumberland Road which is very popular was also designated a National Road, meaning that Route 40 had not been just Marshall’s main street, but also recognized as a national scenic byway.

In addition to Archer House Hotel which is operating as the oldest facility still welcoming Illinois guests nowadays, there is also a visitor’s center based in a log cabin that was built in 1840. Besides that, there are also seven other sites on the National Register for historic places and these consist of 2 stone arch bridges; Manly McCann House; Robert Dulaney House; Harlan Hall; John Lewis House and Marshall Congregational Church.

Apart from Marshall’s historical legacy, this city boasts outstanding schools; home care facility; churches of varied denominations; hospital connected to medical center; numerous financial institutions; public and genealogical library as well as excellent police and fire services. The people in this town are also lucky to have a variety of impressive local companies and huge corporations.

With this rich historical past, it is very important for the people in this city to keep everything alive and unchanged. For this reason, during 1997Marshall was called Illinois Main Street community. Due to this fact, homeowners whose properties are around the Main Street area can benefit from many different services offered by the Historic Preservation Agency in Illinois in cooperation with the Main Street program. The residents are able to get certain design services from this program free of charge, but they have to make a commitment that improvements would be carried out after 1 year of making the request.

In addition, there are building services available for all business owners who have commercial properties based in the recognized downtown limitations of the Main Street community. These require a specific approach in which the developer provides guidance for the building. Some of the community services involve planning, design and preservation workshops and presentations arranged by the manager of the program and this would be attended by interested individuals from the Main Street Community.

The combination of historic preservation and the development of downtown has created a working, expanding and desirable business center. This means that the economic strength and ideals which the downtown area represents are reinforced and revived, which helps to solidify the appearance of town center as a distinctive business and social core of Marshall City.

The improvements of Main Street’s visual appearance help to generate an enjoyable spot for persons to visit. This is as essential to the prosperity of the neighborhood much like enhancing economic performance, growth and community involvement, recruiting fresh businesses and also extending parking.

In essence, all the buildings on Main Street play a huge role in the foundation of the area. All the details from the design of storefronts, signage, window displays, canopies, paint color and other architectural styles all come together to form a vital part in the successful layout of independent buildings. The rehabilitation of Marshall downtown buildings could be overwhelming, but presently there are certain guidelines on how to design building and other infrastructures. These guidelines are generally meant to recommend ways that owners of homes and buildings can really benefit from the unique history and charm of downtown Marshall.

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